Our experienced commercial ship operators manage the commercial charter periods and voyages fulfilling the following functions:

  • Make pre-voyage calculations for economic feasibility for intended voyage.
  • Verify suitability of vessel with regard to specifications and class.
  • Negotiate and prepare Charter Party, whether time or voyage.
  • Stem bunkers for voyage and min / max for delivery & redelivery of vessel per Charter Party.
  • Provide Master with voyage instructions in accordance with the Charter Party.
  • Employ port agents to attend ship’s husbandry and requirements.
  • Obtain ocean routing for sea passages.
  • Arrange voyage requirements, if any, such as preparation of cargo holds / tanks, sea pilots, anti-piracy arrangements if passing through piracy zones, and additional insurance, if required.
  • Monitor time sheets with notices and lay time for lay time calculations.
  • Arrange on-hire / off-hire surveys for bunkers, and condition survey in the case of time charter.
  • Ensure charter hire or freight is deposited in accordance with the terms of the Charter Party.
  • After receiving authentic time sheets for cargo operations at load and discharge ports, prepare a lay time statement to determine demurrage or dispatch and claim accordingly.
  • In case of time charter to determine off-hire for stoppages, including full or partial stoppages of cargo work due defect ship’s cargo gear or other reason, in accordance with Charter Party, notify Owners & deduct from charter hire.
  • Plan for next fixture on completion of current charter.