Responsibility and commitment to quality implementation of the ISM Code rests with the highest Authority in the Company Management.

The management policy on safety and environment protection is structured on a combination of the right skills, knowledge and experience, taking into account the relevant international conventions, classification and national regulations, the direct involvement of the decision-making management, its attitude being reflected in Company policy and thus directly in the work of all the Company employees ashore and afloat with commitment, competence, attitudes and motivation, with a continuous process of measurable quality of improvement, and ensuring that the Master is not only competent and fully conversant with and dedicated to the maintenance of the company’s safety management system (SMS) and the appropriate safety and environmental protection standards, but also to ensure that he is given all the necessary support and authority to perform his duties properly and safely.

The Company maintains a direct link with those onboard through a Designated Person Ashore-DPA (or in his absence through the Deputy Designated Person Ashore-DDPA) as shown in the Organizational Chart. The DPA (or in his absence DDPA) shall have direct access to the highest level of management. Their authority and responsibility shall include monitoring the safety and pollution-prevention aspects of the operation of ships, ensuring that adequate resources and shore-based support are available at all times. The ultimate responsibility for safety and environment protection rests with the Managing Director of the Company.

In addition to providing high quality safety management, TMSM will unceasingly maintain:

  • Safety Management System (SMS) as per the ISM Code under IMO RES. A.741 (18).
  • The requirements of the IMO International Safety Management (ISM) Code.
  • All Management vessels shall be inspected & audited on a half-yearly basis or as closely to such dates as possible depending on the vessel’s itinerary, accessibility and travel arrangements. The results of such inspections and audits shall be reviewed and brought to the attention of the Master, Chief Engineer and concerned personnel in the office.
  • The Application of the company’s policy shall apply to ALL vessels managed by the company.
  • Company policies shall be implemented and maintained at all levels of the organization, onboard ship and shore based.
  • Adequate resources and shore-based support shall be provided to enable Designated Person Ashore and to those responsible for safety and environmental protection in order for them efficiently carry out their duties.

Customer requirements and expectations shall be taken fully in account in implementation this policy.

Managing Director

(Highest Level of Authority in Management
as referred in ISM Code 4.)

Technical Manager

(Management Representative)

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