Our shipping experts provide consultancy advice, and provide reports on all aspects of commercial shipping which includes, though not limited to, the following:

  • Suitability vessels for particular trades.
  • Economics of ship operations with regard to choice flags of registration, class, nationality crews.
  • Technical capability vessels of various categories, tonnage and vintage.
  • Vessel assessment and repairs with costs, dry docking to bring vessel to good trading condition.
  • Feasibility and economics of operating vessels on particular trades.
  • Calculation of estimated operating costs of owner’s items: crew, insurance, stores, repair & maintenance, owner’s communication, flag dues, managers’ fees, superintendent if hired, legal expenses.
  • Calculation of commercial operation costs: charter hire, fuel costs, charterer’s communication, port / stevedores, port agency, port captain if hired.
  • Legal advice and arbitration services.
  • Dealing with class, insurance, surveyors, port state, surveys, ship certificates and documentation.
  • Providing services of port captain to attend owner’s or charterer’s interests during port call.