The Terra-Marine Group has been providing ship agency services at the ports of Karachi and Port Mohammed Bin Qasim since 1984. Terra-Marine Agencies (Pvt) Ltd. is fully licensed by the Government of Pakistan to act as shipping agents at Pakistani ports and conduct all ship related business.

For details and port information, please visit:
Karachi Port: http://kpt.gov.pk/
Port Mohammad Bin Qasim: http://www.pqa.gov.pk/

The agency department is operated by personnel well experienced with handling of vessels’ operations at the Pakistani ports, and well versed with the requirements, bye-laws, and system of working at these ports; and all international shipping legislation and practices, with some staff having sea-going experience, including ex-ship masters. The agency works closely with stevedores for planning efficient stowage & discharge of cargoes, and controlling requisite availability space on quay & trucks, wagons etc to ensure speedy dispatch of vessels.
The company enjoys excellent relations with government agencies and port authorities.

The Services Include:

  • Constant attendance and devotion to the vessel’s and Client’s best interests.
  • Speedy clearance of vessels.
  • Cargo claims handled by the Operations Department of the company's management section Terra-Marine Ship Management (Pvt) Ltd.
  • Securing cargo inward & outward of Pakistan through the company group brokers Terra-Marine Ship Brokers (Pvt) Ltd.
  • Assisting vessels with hold / tanks inspections, cargo, on-hire / off-hire and other Surveys.
  • Securing cost - effective stevedoring, and high quality, ship repairs & supplies, and other services.
  • Providing technical services.
  • Providing legal services of company’s assigned solicitors to deal with any accidents, claims etc.
  • Supplying new / used spare parts through the company's technical supply department click here for details Scantech International (Pvt) Ltd.
  • Garbage & slop disposal.
  • Bunker brokerage.
  • All crew handling: crew changes & repatriation, attending to medical, and any other requirements.
  • Any other service required in the interest of the ship or clients.