Terra-Marine’s Ship Manning policy is to fully comply with the Pakistan “Merchant Shipping Ordinance 2001 – Part IV” and ILO Maritime Labour Convention 2006, recognizing that by establishing fair terms & conditions of service to Seafarers, with decent working and living conditions onboard, with cognizance to personal health & safety and Seafarers’ training & certification, and creating a level field with fair competition to Shipowners and Seafarers, it will create an efficient and productive environment that shall be beneficial to the industry.

The policy stringently focuses on the following MLC 2006 Standards:

  • Minimum age limitations for young seafarers and supervision of their safe working & training.
  • Pre-joining medical certification.
  • Training and qualifications.
  • Recruitment & Placement, by an approved SPRS.
  • Seafarers’ Employment Agreements (SEA).
  • Timely payment of wages.
  • Accommodated and recreational facilities.
  • Control stipulated hours of work and rest.
  • Entitlement leave and repatriation.
  • Food, catering and hygiene.
  • Medical care onboard and ashore.
  • Shipowner’s liability medical treatment and compensation death / disability and proper repatriation due sickness.
  • Health, safety and accident prevention.
  • Social security as prescribed by national legislation.
  • Seafarers onboard complaint procedures alleging breaches of MLC provisions.

Managing Director

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